The Roadhouse Enlisted Club offers a dance floor, DJ, slots, pool table, dartboard, live band, comedy shows and full service bar.


Contact Information

Roadhouse Enlisted Club

Building 110

DSN: (315) 224-8356

JP: 0550896102 Ext: 224-8356

Lunch Hours
Sunday 10:30AM - 1PM
Monday 10:30AM - 1PM
Tuesday 10:30AM - 1PM
Wednesday 10:30AM - 1PM
Thursday 10:30AM - 1PM
Friday 10:30AM - 1PM
Saturday 10:30AM - 1PM
Federal Holidays 10:30AM - 1PM
Menu Service
Sunday 4:30PM - 8PM
Monday 4:30PM - 9PM
Tuesday 4:30PM - 9PM
Wednesday 4:30PM - 9PM
Thursday 4:30PM - 9PM
Friday 4:30PM - 9PM
Saturday 4:30PM - 9PM
Federal Holidays 4:30PM - 8PM
Bar Hours
Sunday 5PM - 10PM
Monday 5PM - 11PM
Tuesday 5PM - 11PM
Wednesday 5PM - 11PM
Thursday 5PM - 11PM
Friday 5PM - 1AM
Saturday 5PM - 1AM
Federal Holidays 5PM - 10PM


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